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Virtual Coding sample projects will be offered!

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Virtual Coding

Virtual Coding is a maker course that provides the experience of creating games, IoT sensors, and autonomous cars with convenient coding tools.


Thinking Math

A mathematics learning program from kindergarten to high school that collects thinking problems, curriculum problems, and deepening or applied problems into one set of questions. It helps you maximize your application by comparing concepts with real life and looking at problems in various ways.


Thinking Science

‘Thinking Science’ is my own virtual laboratory where students can build their hypotheses and design their experiments.


Thinking How

To develop thinking power through various board games and activities.


Ic Bio

‘Ic Bio’ contain some subjects from Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering together with basic Biology.


Flying Robot Coding

Flying robot coding helps you learn drones and physical computing with drone simulation programs. you can study drones without the risk of breakage.


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