Educational service platform for fun learning in The 4th Industrial Revolution

Platformreign Co.,Ltd provides Big Data and Artificial Intelligence-based learning contents services that help students develop their thinking skills and creative problem-solving skills in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution era. It provides an educational platform for students, teachers, parents, and education professionals to communicate and share their educational experiences together.

Students will be able to build their own learning experiences at LearnPia and share their experience of completing projects from their own ideas.

Especially, ‘Eureka’, an intelligent learning tutor of LearnPia, analyzes the individual student’s learning through machine learning, artificially diagnoses the cause of the learning gap, and provides algorithmically generated learning curriculum and scaffolding Lead to learning.

Learnpia’s Thinking Skills content allows you to do Thinking with Technology without weight to specific subjects, and further adds depth of thinking skills through thinking math, thinking science, and thinking coding content. LearnPia provides curriculum and learning content from basic to advanced, including nano, bio, coding, IoT, big data and statistics, environmental and cultural viruses and robotics, which are core of the fourth industrial revolution era. We also support individual projects that link these subjects.

LearnPia not only offers a futuristic education model based on this curriculum, but also provides the best service for all students of LearnPia to maximize their potential.